Brenden Elwood for North Bend City Council

North Bend’s Priorities are My Priorities

I actively listen to your concerns, know the issues, and together we make a difference.

Change is happening and your voices need to be heard! With all the new growth coming our way, I believe it is critical to embrace our city’s charm and character and keep that as the core element to every decision we make.

It’s time for North Bend to elect a new, energetic, action oriented Council member who is a proven listener and decision maker with no bias or conflict of interest in how North Bend develops.

Addressing the issues:

As North Bend’s City Planning Commissioner, I’ve worked towards regulations that make our hometown liveable and not just another dense clone of other fast growing cities:

  • Securing set-back regulations to avoid a sea-of-sameness of new homes
  • Advocating zoning regulations that preserve the rural spaciousness that defines North Bend

Leading by example: 

As Si View Metropolitan Park District Commissioner,  I have made public opinion integral to the renovation of the community center and beyond. By working with the public every step of the way, we enhanced our fabulous park district so it now can handle the growth of our community and serve the needs of the people for years to come:

  • Community center renovated based public feedback and support
  • Continued community support for voter approved bonds and levies

 A solutions expert:

As a professional marketing researcher, I know the value and importance of reaching out to people, listening to their needs, creating solutions to complex scenarios – collecting data and synthesizing it to make informed objective decisions. This is what I do for a living.

A community member:

As a happily married father of two, I see how critical it is for us to embrace North Bend’s charm and character as we are building the most precious thing a family can have here – memories.